Lawrence Peter Watyabuko believes in creating business value through emotional sensitivity by thinking differently, communicating differently, and working differently from the status quo. For I have clear intentions, purpose, and expertise to deliver ``value, benefits, and solutions`` which I encode into the reliability, dependability, and accountability for results. My goal is to give a direction or redefine the digital path for any brand from start-up, small, or midsized to enterprise-level using strategies that focus on connecting intent to interest and curiosity-based puzzle pieces of digital marketing.

My work is deeply rooted in research, data visualization, years of hands-on experience, exemplary project management skills, data analysis, critical thinking, copy-writing skills, and broad technical SEO knowledge.

Lawrence Peter Watyabuko believes in finding voices of great concern to a common man, voices of an organization or brand looking to offer solutions and connect both with a simple and yet easy to understand message personalized to the needs. By creating strategies intended to bridge the gap using the broad knowledge base in SEO services, high skillset in Copywriting, Social media marketing and PPC Services, coupled with extensive experience with a diverse clientele since 2015, I am very confident that I can redefine the digital path for any brand, greatly increase awareness, engagement, and on-site conversions both organically and paid.

I am a self-starter, self-motivated, and results-oriented specialist, highly enthusiastic and passionate about learning and putting into play what I have learned to benefit both me and the organization at play. I am familiar with several proprietaries and 3rd party programs including; AdWords and Bing AdCenter, Facebook Ad Manager, and Facebook Power Editor, and I can quickly adapt to new programs/platforms.

I am here to deliver high-quality traffic to your website, connect your brand to ready-to-buy customers, and ensure you’re seeing record return on investment (ROI)

My Approach


This is the stage of studying the history, structure and architecture of the website, the industry, the market, the competition and the gaps.


A deep look into all the hows; (“attract & retain target audience, create a value-based culture, and a brand based on consumer needs).


At this stage, I prioritize visioning, missioning, core values, objective setting, target setting, and action plan.


Involves creating a culture or drive, the goal or deliverables, targeted outcomes or capabilities, as well as agility and flexibility or speed.

Give a new direction to your business

I help simplify the complex, give you control through full visibility, and analyze the potential impact of each task while providing a people-centric and personalized experience. My approach dives deeper into defining and redefining the core of your business and how it is perceived and then focus on only factors that mean value to your target customers

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