What is an SEO-friendly Website?

What is an SEO-friendly Website | Reach out for Faster & Easy Rankings

This question begs for a quick explanation of what a good website fit for an online business should look like. Some of the quick factors are; User-friendliness of URLs, link structure both internal and external, originality of contents, website user experience, user interface, website functionality, website compatibility on different browsers, mobile responsiveness to name but a few. These and more are the quickest factors I look at as an SEO specialist.

However, good websites highly depend on what goals you want to accomplish? what audiences you are targeting? what solutions you are looking to give? and more. Each website calls for individual requirements depending on what you are looking to accomplish with the exception of the few general factors listed above.

Websites and The Purpose They Serve

The development websites call for a unique style of web design according to a particular purpose or solution you want to solve.
Ecommerce websites are designed to serve the purpose of selling products or services. Small businesses design websites to showcase talents and establish their business online. Designers, specialists in specific fields and artists create portfolio sites to show off their work and attract clients. Blogs are created by individuals and businesses to publish unique insights directly to their audiences. While personal websites are developed with a goal to market oneself to prospective employers.

What is an SEO-friendly Website?

It refers to building a website on strong foundations of SEO and best practices that involve reviewing mockups, site architecture, structured data, organizing content, website speed, mobile-friendliness, internal linking, and various other necessary tasks. Laying the groundwork for great performance in search can prevent duplications in the long run and make it faster for an SEO expert to improve rankings.

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